Tina & Paul

Our very many thanks to the whole Elite team for a fantastic job on renovating both our bathroom and en-suite. Right from the start, we were impressed with Stuart’s professionalism, breadth of industry knowledge and design suggestions which both modernised and clarified our initial concept, resulting in an eye-catching design which made the most of the available
space and was practical and easy to use. Professionalism, thoroughness, long industry experience and a team with a
wide expertise is the trademark of Elite and it was very evident that the whole team who worked on our project: Stuart, Chris, Alan, Leon, Bruce, Wayne, Frank and Jake and not forgetting Samantha (at the main “control centre”) and Barbara for her expert guidance for our tiles and fittings, worked together very well and from their camaraderie, have done so for some considerable time. They all deserve our thanks for an excellent job – completed in around 3 weeks and for which at times, giving us “above and

We would like to especially thank Chris for his creativity with the tiling and amazing attention to detail which has really given these rooms the added WOW factor (photos don’t do them proper justice). Also Alan and Leon for their (very appreciated) assistance with an unrelated problem which arose.

Both rooms have been and will continue to be admired and used for many years by ourselves and visitors and to quote a well known car advertisement “Oh, what a feeling”!

Onwards now to the laundry!

Tina & Paul