Successful renovation completed by the Elite Bathroom team.

The result is magnificent!!

Elite transformed a poorly designed bathroom into a bathroom that not only looks highly sleek and modern but improves ‘immeasurably’ upon practicability, positioning, comfort and every other imaginable aspect.

There’s a new found appreciation for the amount of work and effort involved in a bathroom renovation.

First is the initial quote where Stuart comes out to assess the project. He offers suggestions and advice based on his many years experience. Appointment is made at the Tile Expo for where we meet Barbara who presents a range of all the componentry for selection along with advice and suggestions.

The accounts member Samantha provides the schedule of work and maintains contact at the various stages and helps clarify particulars.

Elite supremely managed all the teams ie: arranging material deliveries, scheduling skip bin prior to work commencements. Elite consists of a tight network of reliable seasoned tradespersons for which are supremely coordinated by Stuart to perform their tasks, in what is likened to the efficiency of an automated production line.

Stuart arrives on time every morning to oversee the days’ scope.

Teams arrive to rip out/demolish the bathroom, this stage is typically the noisiest. Plumber and electrician team arrives in order prior to Chris’s arrival, ‘the master tiler’. He prepares the bathroom shell, screeding, application of waterproofing membrane, tiling with a laser instrument.

Stuart then coordinates the installation of the plumbing, making any final adjustments to either electrical, cabinetry etc, then the glass shower screen, mirrors are installed. Stuart was particularly appreciated for his ability and motivation to go the extra effort to ensure any unexpected complications are resolved.

All in all without a shadow of a doubt, the Elite team’s end to end service, I highly recommend, trustworthy, quality of work, reliable are all the classic hallmarks for which service providers should be selected for such a project.